DREAMHAX RG35XX Portable Game Console with 640*480 3.5 Inch IPS Screen Built-in 5470+ Games Linux Mechanism, Handheld Video Games Support Gamepad and HDMI TV Output, Retro Game Gift (Gray)

Introducing the DREAMHAX RG35XX Portable Game Console, the ultimate retro gaming device that brings back the nostalgia of classic games. This handheld console features a 3.5-inch IPS screen with a 640*480 resolution, providing a clear and immersive gaming occasion. The full viewing angle and OCA full lamination technology enhance the visuals, while also protecting your eyes during long gaming sessions.

The RG35XX is powered by a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU and a quad-core PowerVR SGX544MP GPU, ensuring smooth gameplay with low power consumption. Say goodbye to frame loss and hello to seamless gaming performance. With its upgraded chip, this console can handle high-performance games effortlessly.

But the real highlight of the RG35XX is its extensive library of games. Built-in with over 5470 classic games, you’ll never run out of options to play. The open-source Linux system allows you to add new games in related formats, expanding your gaming collection even further. It supports more than 20 kinds of game formats, including PS1, CPS, FBA, NEOGEO, GBA, and many more.

Not only can you enjoy solo gaming sessions, but the RG35XX also supports multiplayer gaming. Connect wired or 2.4G wireless gamepads and engage in multiplayer battles with your friends. Want to take the gaming occasion to the big screen? The console features HDMI TV output, allowing you to play games on your TV and bring back the old-school arcade feel.

Constructed with high-quality materials and parts, this portable game console offers more than just great gameplay. It includes a vibrating motor for enhanced immersion and high-fidelity loudspeakers for inspiring sound effects. The compact size and lightweight fashion make it easy to carry anywhere, ensuring gaming fun on the go.

The DREAMHAX RG35XX Portable Game Console is not just a gaming device; it is also a perfect retro game gift. Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast or looking for a unique present, this console is sure to impress. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 30-day unconditional return approach, so you can buy with confidence.

Occasion the joy of classic gaming with the DREAMHAX RG35XX Portable Game Console. Get yours today and embark on a nostalgic gaming adventure!

  • Package: 1 x RG35XX game console, 1 x USB charging cable, 1 x Screen protector, 1 x User manual
  • Model: RG35XX
  • Color: Gray/ Transparent white/ Transparent purple
  • Screen: 3.5-inch IPS screen, 640*480 resolution, full viewing angle, OCA full lamination
  • CPU: Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9
  • GPU: Quad-core PowerVR SGX544MP GPU
  • RAM: DDR3 256MB
  • Storage: 64GB TF/MicroSD
  • System: Linux
  • Game: Support PS1, CPS, FBA, NEOGEO, GBA, GBC, GB, SFC, FC, MAME, MD, GG, PCE, NGPC, SMS, WSC and more. Support users to download games in related formats
  • Language: Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish
  • Speaker: High-fidelity speaker
  • TF card: Dual card slots, support TF card expansion up to 512GB
  • Battery: Li-polymer battery 2100 mAh, lasting 5 hours
  • Charging: 5V/1.5A, support C2C charger
  • Other function: Support 2.4G wireless gamepad and wired gamepad connection, HDMI output TV, vibrating motor
  • Accessories: USB charging cable, giftbox , user manual, screen protector
  • Console size/weight: 11.7cm*8.1cm*2.0cm (4.6in*3.2in*0.8in) / 165g (5.8 ounces)
  • Box size/weight: 15.3cm*9.9cm*3.5cm (6.0in*3.9in*1.4in) / 293g (10.3 ounces)
  • UPGRADED CHIP: Utilization upgraded chip quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 and quad-core PowerVR SGX544MP GPU, can solve the complication of frame loss, make the game screen display smoother, and perfectly run high performance games with low power consumption.
  • BUILT-IN 5470+ GAMES: Built-in more than 5470 classic games, all original and no repeat. Open source Linux mechanism, can add new games with related format. Perfectly support more than 20 kinds of games format.
  • 640*480 3.5 INCH IPS SCREEN: 640*480 resolution 3.5 inch high-definition IPS screen, full viewing angle, OCA full lamination, very clear display, brings exciting gaming event and better peeper protection.
  • 2 PLAYER & HDMI TV OUTPUT: Support wired and 2.4G wireless gamepad, support HDMI TV output. So you can play games on TV with your friend and spend a happy period together. It’s a good helper to bond with friends.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL & PARTS: Built-in vibrating motor for better game occasion. Use high-fidelity loudspeakers with inspiring sound effects. It is the best birthday gift. We provide 100% satisfaction and unconditional return guarantee within 30 days. Please feel free to buy!

The DREAMHAX RG35XX Portable Game Console is a top-notch choice in the portable game console category. With its impressive specifications and range of features, it stands out from similar products on the market.

One of the standout features of the RG35XX is its 3.5-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 640*480. This high-definition display ensures a clear and immersive gaming experience. The full viewing angle and OCA full lamination further enhance the visual quality. Compared to other portable game consoles, the RG35XX offers a superior display that brings games to presence with vibrant colors and sharp details.

Another advantage of the RG35XX is its powerful hardware. Equipped with a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU and quad-core PowerVR SGX544MP GPU, this console delivers smooth gameplay and can handle high-performance games with ease. The upgraded chip solves the topic of frame loss, ensuring a seamless gaming event. Additionally, the RG35XX has DDR3 256MB of RAM and 64GB of storage, providing ample space for storing games.

The RG35XX also stands out with its extensive game library. It comes preloaded with over 5470 classic games, covering popular consoles like PS1, CPS, FBA, NEOGEO, GBA, GBC, GB, SFC, FC, MAME, MD, GG, PCE, NGPC, SMS, WSC, and more. The open-source Linux formation allows users to download additional games in related formats. This vast choice of games sets the RG35XX apart from its competitors.

In terms of connectivity options, the RG35XX supports both wired and 2.4G wireless gamepads, allowing for versatile gameplay experiences. It also features HDMI TV output, enabling users to play games on a larger screen with friends. This property adds a social aspect to gaming and makes the RG35XX an excellent selection for multiplayer gaming sessions.

The RG35XX is built with high-quality materials and parts. It includes a vibrating motor, enhancing the gaming happening by adding tactile feedback. The console also boasts high-fidelity loudspeakers that deliver impressive sound effects. These features contribute to an immersive and engaging gaming happening.

While the DREAMHAX RG35XX Portable Game Console has many advantages, it is important to consider some potential drawbacks. The console’s battery existence lasts up to 5 hours, which may not be sufficient for extended gaming sessions. Additionally, the console’s size and weight may not be as compact and lightweight as some competing models.

In conclusion, the DREAMHAX RG35XX Portable Game Console offers a compelling package for gamers looking for a versatile and feature-rich portable gaming device. With its impressive display, powerful hardware, extensive game library, and connectivity options, it surpasses similar products in the market. While it may have some limitations in terms of battery presence and size, the RG35XX still provides an exceptional gaming occasion.