Heygelo S90 Drone with Camera for Adults, 1080P HD Mini FPV Drones for Kids Beginners, Foldable RC Quadcopter Toys Gifts with Altitude Hold, Voice/Gesture Control, 3 Speeds, 2 Batteries

Introducing the Heygelo S90 Drone with Camera for Adults, the perfect aerial companion for both kids and beginners! This sleek and foldable RC quadcopter is equipped with a powerful 1080P HD camera, allowing you to capture breathtaking aerial footage from a bird’s eye perspective. With its WiFi connectivity, you can easily connect your smartphone or tablet to the drone and enjoy real-time live video on the app.

But this drone isn’t just about stunning visuals – it is packed with impressive features that will leave you in awe. Control the drone using the remote control, app, voice commands, or even gestures! With over 10 professional stunts like 360° flips, high-speed rotation, Circle Flight, and Trajectory Flight, you can amaze your friends and family with jaw-dropping aerial tricks. Whether you’re at a party, traveling, or hiking, this drone will bring endless joy to any occasion.

Safety is a priority with the Heygelo S90. It features full guards to protect the propellers, making it ideal for kids and newbies. The altitude hold function ensures stable flight, allowing you to capture high-quality pictures with ease. And with three different speed settings, both novice and advanced pilots can enjoy flying this drone.

The Heygelo S90 is crafted for convenience and portability. Its foldable fuselage design makes it compact and easy to carry in your backpack. Plus, it comes with two modular batteries that are safe to charge and provide up to 26 minutes of flight time. It is the ideal remote control toy drone and makes a fantastic gift for birthdays, Christmas, or any special occasion.

But that’s not all – this drone also offers premium features and exceptional customer support. Use the app to control the drone and take stunning photos with gestures or by tilting your phone in gravity mode. Experience a first-person view of piloting flight with VR mode, giving you an immersive 3D experience. And with our reliable product support, you can fly worry-free!

Take your aerial photography and videography to new heights with the Heygelo S90 Drone with Camera for Adults. Get yours today and unlock a world of limitless possibilities!

  • Brand: Heygelo
  • Model Name: S90
  • Color: Black
  • Video Capture Resolution: 1080p
  • Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Item Weight: 105 Grams
  • Battery Capacity: 1200 Milliamp Hours
  • Control Type: Remote Control
  • Media Type: SD

1080P HD FPV WiFi Camera: Simply connect the WiFi of drone, you can enjoy Real-time Live Video from a bird-eye perspective on the app. Equipped with a 1080P HD Camera, the beautiful aerial scenery can be captured and stored on your album, which makes editing footage and sharing instantly to social media from your iPhone or iPad.

Multiple Functions RC Drone: The best drones with camera for adults can be controlled by Remote/APP/Voice/Gravity, leaving you the immersive experience! More than 10 professional stunts, 360°flip, high-speed rotation, Circle Flight, Trajectory Flight, etc. Surprise your grandson/children family/friends, add endless joy during parties/travel/hiking.

Stable Flight with Full Guards: User-friendly functions make it easy for kids/Newbies. One key start/land the small kids drone. With Altitude hold, the FPV drone can hover stably for High-quality pictures. 3 speeds make novice and adults quickly master the functions and advanced pilots can enjoy the fun of shifting. Propeller guards well protect the blades while practicing. Great starter drones for kids 8-12 with camera!

Long Flight Time & Mini Portable Size: The foldable fuselage design makes mini the drone with camera for kids compact and portable. Just put it into a backpack for outdoor traveling. Includes 2 modular batteries, easy to replace and safe to charge, providing the pocket drone up to 26 minutes of flight time. Best remote control toy drone/gift for birthday/christmas/holiday.

Premium Features & Service: APP Control and gesture takes photos, enter the Gravity mode, tilt your phone to control the camera drone. VR mode provides you with a first-person view of piloting flight, amazing visual fidelity, and an outstanding 3D experience. PRODUCT SUPPORT IS AVAILABLE WITHOUT WORRYING!

The Heygelo S90 Drone with Camera is a standout choice in the category of mini FPV drones for kids and beginners. With its impressive features and user-friendly design, it offers a competitive advantage over similar products in the market.

One of the key advantages of this drone is its 1080P HD FPV WiFi Camera. By connecting the drone to your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi, you can enjoy real-time live video from a bird’s-eye perspective. The high-quality camera allows you to capture beautiful aerial scenery and instantly share it on social media. This feature sets the Heygelo S90 apart from other drones in terms of its ability to provide stunning visuals.

In terms of control options, the Heygelo S90 offers multiple functions that cater to different user preferences. Whether you prefer using the remote control, app, voice commands, or even gravity control, this drone has got you covered. With more than 10 professional stunts available, including 360° flips and high-speed rotations, you’ll never run out of exciting maneuvers to try. This versatility gives the Heygelo S90 an edge over other drones that may have limited control options.

The stability of flight is another area where the Heygelo S90 shines. Thanks to altitude hold technology, this drone can hover stably, allowing you to capture high-quality pictures without any shaking. Additionally, the inclusion of full guards for the propellers ensures added safety, especially for beginners and kids. This stability and safety feature make the Heygelo S90 a great choice for novice pilots.

When it comes to flight time and portability, the Heygelo S90 stands out with its long flight time and mini portable size. The foldable design makes it compact and easy to carry in a backpack, ideal for outdoor traveling. With two modular batteries included, you can enjoy up to 26 minutes of flight time, which is impressive for a mini drone. This extended flight time gives the Heygelo S90 an advantage over drones with shorter battery life.

While the Heygelo S90 offers many premium features, it also comes with excellent customer support. The brand ensures that you can get assistance and product support without any worries. This commitment to customer service adds value to the overall package.

As for its disadvantages, the Heygelo S90’s skill level is geared towards beginners. While this may be a disadvantage for more advanced pilots seeking more complex features, it makes it an ideal choice for kids and beginners who are looking for an easy-to-use drone.