Hisense A4 Series 40-Inch Class FHD Smart Android TV with DTS Virtual X, Game & Sports Modes, Chromecast Built-in, Alexa Compatibility (40A4H, 2022 New Model) Black

Introducing the Hisense A4 Series 40-Inch Class FHD Smart Android TV

Encounter the power of technology packaged in a compact TV with the Hisense A4 Series. This 40-inch FHD Smart Android TV is designed to exceed expectations, offering a planet of entertainment right at your fingertips.

Equipped with a voice remote featuring built-in Google Assistant, you can effortlessly navigate through a vast library of content and take command of your TV functions with just your voice. Whether you’re searching for your favorite movies, shows, or simply want to dim the lights, the A4H makes it easier than ever.

Thanks to its Motion Rate 120 technology, you’ll enjoy seamless and distinct content motion with minimal blurring. That is particularly important for gamers and sports enthusiasts who crave an optimal viewing encounter during fast-paced deed.

But that’s not all. The A4H also comes with DTS Virtual:X for a more immersive audio experience, delivering powerful sound that complements the stunning visuals on screen.

With Android TV, you can access over 700,000 movies and shows from various streaming services. Plus, Chromecast built-in allows you to cast photos, videos, and music from your smart devices directly to the TV.

Featuring a full high-definition resolution and a powerful full array LED backlight, the A4H ensures a sharper and more colorful picture, bringing your favorite content to life.

In addition, the A4H offers Game Mode for a better gaming experience with reduced input lag, making your commands virtually instantaneous on the screen. For sports enthusiasts, the Sports Mode automatically optimizes the TV settings for smoother motion and enhanced color, delivering the best possible sports experience.

If you’re in the market for a smaller-sized TV that doesn’t compromise on performance, look no further than the Hisense A4 Series 40-Inch Class FHD Smart Android TV. Experience the future of entertainment today.

  • Screen Size: 40 inches
  • Resolution: Full High Definition (1080p)
  • Display Technology: LCD with full array LED backlight
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Motion Rate: 120
  • Audio Technology: DTS Virtual:X
  • Smart TV Platform: Android TV
  • Voice Control: Built-in Google Assistant
  • Remote Control: Voice remote
  • Content Library: Vast library of content
  • Connectivity: Chromecast built-in for casting from smart devices
  • Compatibility: Alexa compatibility
  • Game Mode: Optimized settings for gaming
  • Sports Mode: Optimized settings for sports content

Immersive Entertainment at its Best: Hisense A4 Series 40-Inch Smart Android TV

When it comes to finding the ideal Smart TV for your home, the Hisense A4 Series 40-Inch Class FHD Smart Android TV with DTS Virtual X is a top contender. Packed with advanced features and cutting-edge technology, this TV promises to revolutionize your viewing event. Let’s take a closer look at its competitive advantages and disadvantages in comparison to similar products in the category.

Crystal Clear Visuals and Stunning Picture Quality

The Hisense A4 Series boasts a 40-inch screen that delivers Full High Definition (1080p) resolution. Its LCD display with full array LED backlight ensures vibrant colors, deep blacks, and exceptional clarity. With an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a motion rate of 120, you can enjoy smooth and fluid visuals for all your favorite movies, shows, and games.

Immersive Audio Technology

One of the standout features of the Hisense A4 Series is its audio technology. Equipped with DTS Virtual:X, this TV creates a virtual surround sound occasion that transports you right into the heart of the action. Whether you’re watching a thrilling movie or playing intense video games, the powerful and immersive audio enhances every jiffy.

Seamless Smart TV Occasion

The Hisense A4 Series runs on the Android TV platform, offering a seamless and intuitive user interface. With built-in Google Assistant, you can easily command your TV using voice commands, making it convenient and hands-free. Additionally, the vast library of content ensures you never run out of things to watch, with access to popular streaming services and apps.

Enhanced Connectivity and Compatibility

Featuring Chromecast built-in, the Hisense A4 Series allows you to cast content from your smart devices directly to the TV. Whether it’s photos, videos, or your favorite streaming apps, you can effortlessly enjoy them on the big screen. Moreover, the TV is Alexa compatible, enabling you to control it using voice commands through your Alexa-enabled devices.

Optimized Modes for Gaming and Sports

For gamers and sports enthusiasts, the Hisense A4 Series offers optimized settings with its Game and Sports Modes. Game Mode enhances your gaming encounter by reducing input lag and providing a smoother gameplay, while Sports Mode optimizes the picture and audio settings to make you feel as if you’re in the stadium, bringing every thrilling moment to life.

Competitive Advantages:

  • Immersive DTS Virtual:X audio technology enhances the viewing event.
  • Android TV platform with built-in Google Assistant offers a effortless to handle interface and voice control.
  • Chromecast built-in enables easy casting from smart devices.
  • Alexa compatibility provides convenient control through voice commands.
  • Optimized Game and Sports Modes enhance gaming and sports content.

Competitive Disadvantages:

  • The screen size of 40 inches may not be perfect for larger living spaces.
  • The resolution is limited to Full HD (1080p) rather than higher resolutions like 4K.
  • The motion rate of 120 may not be as smooth as higher-end models.
  • The content library, although vast, may not include all niche streaming services.

Overall, the Hisense A4 Series 40-Inch Class FHD Smart Android TV with DTS Virtual X offers an immersive entertainment experience with its stunning visuals, powerful audio, and smart features. While it may have some limitations compared to higher-end models, its competitive advantages make it an excellent choice for those seeking a high-quality Smart TV without emptying their pocket.