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Introducing the ARNSSIEN Child Camera, the suitable for gifting tech-savvy kids aged 4 to 11! This digital camera is designed with young photographers in mind, offering a range of features that will spark their creativity and provide endless hours of fun.

The ARNSSIEN Kid Camera boasts a 2.4-inch IPS screen, providing high-definition visuals with 1080p resolution. Unlike other cameras on the market, this one has a larger button size, making it easier for children to handle and operate. Plus, the 180° flip lens adds an extra element of excitement, allowing kids to capture shots from unique angles and even take selfies effortlessly.

With an automatic exposure control attribute, your child can snap pictures without worrying about adjusting settings. The camera also comes in a vibrant purple color, adding a playful touch that kids will love. And thanks to the micro USB connectivity technology, transferring photos and videos to other devices is a breeze.

But the ARNSSIEN Kid Camera offers more than just photography. It comes with a 32GB TF card for storing pictures, videos, music, and even fairy tales. The device also includes 14 speaker holes, providing multiple volume levels to suit different preferences. And if your child loves puzzles, they’ll enjoy the five puzzle games that stimulate their thinking and problem-solving skills.

To make things even more exciting, the camera offers 31 funny frames and filters that can be applied to photos, adding a touch of creativity and making every shot unique. And with a 1000 mA battery capacity, your kid can enjoy 2-4 hours of battery presence, ensuring they never miss a minute.

We understand that using a new gadget can be overwhelming, so we provide a user guide and support email for any assistance you may need. Our dedicated customer aid team is committed to providing 100% satisfaction and addressing any concerns or issues you may have.

Capture memories, unleash creativity, and provide endless entertainment for your kid with the ARNSSIEN Kid Camera. Don’t miss out on this must-have Christmas or birthday gift for your little ones!

  • Brand: Arnssien
  • Template Name: X101
  • Photo Sensor Size: /
  • Exposure Control Type: Automatic
  • Shape Factor: Ultracompact
  • Special Feature: Time-lapse
  • Optical Zoom: 4x
  • Color: Purple
  • Connectivity Technology: Micro USB
  • Screen Size: 2.4 Inches

Please read the manual or watch the instructional video before using the children’s camera.【Suggestion】Please modify the “Date time” of Kids camera to your local time after power on, and adjust the default parameters according to your child’s needs, such as LCD off, Auto off Volume, Capture Time, etc.

2.4in IPS Screen & More comfortable: The mini body is equipped with a 2.4-inch IPS HD screen (other suppliers only have a 2-inch screen) to provide your child with 1080p high-definition pixels; The larger button is more comfortable for children’s hands.

180° Flip Lens & More Interesting: 180° flip lens kids camera is more flexible and interesting, enabling more angles of shooting. Just turn the lens, and your kid can easily deployment the self-portrait mode.

14 Speaker & More Options: 32GB TF card supports uploading pictures and videos and downloading music and fairy tales. The design of 14 speaker holes (other suppliers only have 5 speaker holes) is more suitable for children’s needs for different volume levels. If you don’t know how to upload and download files, please feel free to contact us.

31 Funny Frame & 5 Puzzle Game: 1000 mA large capacity battery supports 2-4 hours of battery existence (600 mA for all children’s cameras on the market); 5 kinds of puzzle games stimulate children’s thinking and exercise their thinking; Although the pixel is not as clear as the digital camera, the 1080P is enough to meet the needs of children. 31 kinds of interesting picture frames and filters make children’s photos more interesting.

100% Satisfactory service: If you have any needs or any dissatisfaction with the product, please contact us by this email: [email protected], and we will provide you with 100% satisfactory after-sales aid.

Packing List: 1Pcs = 1*Kids camera+1* USB charging cable+1* 32GB TF card+1* User guide+1* Dual used stripe+1*Gift box package

The Child Camera, ARNSSIEN Camera for Child, is a fantastic option for children aged 4 to 11 years old who are interested in photography. With its unique features and thoughtful layout, it stands out among similar products in the market.

One of the standout features of this camera is its 2.4-inch IPS HD screen, which provides a clear and vibrant display. Unlike other cameras that only offer a 2-inch screen, this larger screen allows children to view their photos and videos in high definition.

The 180° flip lens is another great feature that sets this camera apart. It allows for more flexible shooting angles, making it easier for kids to capture self-portraits and explore their creativity.

The camera also comes with a 32GB TF card, which allows for easy storage of pictures, videos, and even music and fairy tales. This is a significant gain over other cameras on the market that may have limited storage options.

Additionally, the Child Camera offers 14 speaker holes, providing children with a range of volume levels to suit their preferences. That’s a thoughtful design selection that ensures children can enjoy their media at their desired volume.

Furthermore, the camera includes 31 funny frames and 5 puzzle games, adding an extra layer of entertainment for children. These features stimulate thinking and creativity while ensuring that kids have fun while using their camera.

It is merit noting that the Kid Camera may not have the same level of pixel clarity as a digital camera. However, the 1080P resolution is more than sufficient for children’s needs and ensures that their photos turn out clear and vibrant.

In terms of connectivity, the camera uses a Micro USB, rendering it effortless to transfer files and charge the device. This convenient property sets it apart from other cameras that may utilization different, less common connectors.

Overall, the Kid Camera, ARNSSIEN Camera for Kid, offers a range of unique features and advantages over similar products. Its larger screen, flip lens, ample storage, speaker holes, and entertaining features make it an excellent selection for children interested in photography and creative term.