LaView 4MP Bulb Security Camera 2.4GHz,360° 2K Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor Indoor Full Color Day and Night, Motion Detection, Audible Alarm, Easy Installation, Compatible with Alexa

Upgrade Your Security with LaView 4MP Bulb Security Camera

Are you looking for a smart and reliable security solution for your home or office? Look no further than the LaView 4MP Bulb Security Camera! This cutting-edge camera offers advanced features and easy installation, ensuring that you stay protected day and night.

Crystal Clear HD Image & Starlight Color Night Vision

Experience the power of 4MP HD (2560X1440P) resolution and 12× digital zoom with our modern light bulb camera. With enhanced clarity, you can see ultra-clear details even in low-light conditions. Our outdoor security cameras also support color/smart/infrared night vision, ensuring that objects within 30 feet are clearly monitored, giving you the best night vision experience.

Wireless & Easy to Install

Forget about complicated installations! Our wireless outdoor camera can be easily installed using a normal E27 bulb base (110V~240V). It is certified by ETL, guaranteeing safety and reliability. Simply download the LaView App on your mobile phone and use it to connect the bulb camera to your 2.4GHz WiFi network. No other operations are required, making installation a breeze.

Motion Detection & Motion-Tracking Alerts

Stay one step ahead of potential threats with our advanced motion detection and motion-tracking features. Our security cameras accurately detect objects and automatically track them in a super large range of 355° and 17 feet. You can customize the sensitivity levels according to your needs. Once enabled, the camera will automatically record and follow any moving object, alerting you whenever necessary.

Two-Way Audio & Alarm Siren

Stay connected with your loved ones and visitors through our two-way audio feature. Use your mobile phone to communicate and ensure everyone’s safety. Additionally, you can set an audible alarm to sound when a moving object is detected. The built-in advanced microphone and speaker allow you to scare away uninvited guests or warmly welcome visitors.

Multi-user Sharing & Works with Alexa

Share the power of security with up to 20 users! Our cameras support multi-user sharing, allowing your family and friends to access the video feed simultaneously. Plus, our camera is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, making it even more convenient to control and monitor your indoor security. The indoor camera and app are incredibly easy to install and simple to control.

Upgrade your security game with the LaView 4MP Bulb Security Camera. Enjoy crystal clear HD image, starlight color night vision, wireless installation, motion detection, two-way audio, and multi-user sharing. Don’t compromise on your safety – get the best security solution today!

  • Resolution: 4MP HD (2560X1440P)
  • Zoom: 12× digital zoom
  • Night Vision: Color/smart/infrared night vision
  • Range: Objects within 30 feet can be clearly monitored
  • Connectivity: Wireless (2.4GHz WiFi only, 5GHz WiFi not supported)
  • Installation: Uses a normal E27 bulb base (110V~240V)
  • Certification: ETL certified
  • Motion Detection: Supports accurate object detection
  • Motion Tracking: Automatically tracks objects in a range of 355° and 17 feet
  • Sensitivity: Adjustable sensitivity levels (low/medium/high)
  • Two-Way Audio: Enables communication with family or visitors
  • Alarm Siren: Audible alarm when a moving object is detected
  • Multi-User Sharing: Supports up to 20 users watching the video simultaneously
  • Compatibility: Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

The LaView 4MP Bulb Security Camera is a feature-packed option that stands out in the market for its impressive specifications and competitive advantages. Let’s take a closer look at how it compares to similar products in the category.

One of the key advantages of the LaView 4MP Bulb Security Camera is its high-resolution capability. With a 4MP HD resolution (2560X1440P), it offers excellent image quality, allowing you to capture clear and detailed footage. This sets it apart from many other security cameras that offer lower resolutions, providing you with a sharper and more refined viewing experience.

Another standout feature is the 12× digital zoom, which enables you to zoom in on specific areas or objects of interest. This zoom capability enhances your ability to closely monitor and analyze any suspicious activity, giving you a better chance of identifying potential threats or intruders.

In terms of night vision, the LaView camera excels with its color/smart/infrared night vision capabilities. Unlike traditional black and white night vision, this camera provides full-color night vision, allowing you to see important details in vivid colors even in low-light conditions. This is a significant advantage as it enhances the visibility of objects and individuals, making it easier to identify them.

When it comes to range, the LaView camera offers a monitoring distance of up to 30 feet. This means that objects within this range can be clearly monitored, giving you a wider coverage area compared to some other cameras on the market. You can effectively keep an eye on a larger space without compromising on the clarity and quality of the footage.

Connectivity-wise, the LaView camera supports wireless connectivity on the 2.4GHz WiFi band. While it does not support 5GHz WiFi, this should not be a major drawback for most users, as the 2.4GHz band is widely used and provides a stable connection for seamless video streaming.

Installation is also a breeze with the LaView camera, thanks to its use of a normal E27 bulb base (110V~240V). This means you can easily replace an existing light bulb with the camera, eliminating the need for complicated wiring or professional installation.

Furthermore, the LaView camera is ETL certified, ensuring that it meets high safety standards and is reliable for long-term use. This certification adds an extra layer of confidence and reassurance for users.

When it comes to motion detection and tracking, the LaView camera offers accurate object detection and automatic tracking within a range of 355° and 17 feet. This advanced feature allows the camera to follow moving objects, ensuring that you never miss any important activity within the monitored area.

The LaView camera also offers adjustable sensitivity levels for motion detection, allowing you to customize the level of sensitivity based on your specific needs. Whether you prefer low, medium, or high sensitivity, you have the flexibility to fine-tune the camera’s response to motion, minimizing false alarms or ensuring that no movement goes unnoticed.

In terms of audio capabilities, the LaView camera supports two-way audio, enabling seamless communication with family members or visitors. This can be particularly useful for home security purposes or for interacting with delivery personnel or guests.

Another advantage of the LaView camera is its audible alarm siren, which is triggered when a moving object is detected. This serves as an effective deterrent and can help alert you and those nearby to potential threats or intrusions.

For multi-user households or businesses, the LaView camera supports up to 20 users watching the video at once. This feature ensures that multiple individuals can access and monitor the camera feed at once, providing enhanced security and convenience.

Finally, the LaView camera is compatible with popular voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing for seamless integration into your smart home ecosystem. This compatibility enables you to control and access the camera using voice commands, adding an extra level of convenience and accessibility.

In summary, the LaView 4MP Bulb Security Camera offers a range of competitive advantages that set it apart from similar products in the category. From its high-resolution capabilities and color night vision to its easy installation and advanced motion detection features, this camera delivers on both performance and convenience. With its ETL certification and multi-user sharing capabilities, it offers peace of mind and flexibility for various security needs. Additionally, its compatibility with popular voice assistants enhances its overall usability and integration within a smart home environment.