Potensic ATOM SE Combo GPS Drone Quadcopter with 4K ShakeVanish Camera Less Than 249g, 62 Mins Flight Period, 4km FPV Transmission, Max. Speed 16m/s, Auto Return

Potensic ATOM SE Combo GPS Drone Quadcopter

Happening the thrill of aerial photography and explore the earth from a new view with the Potensic ATOM SE Combo GPS Drone Quadcopter. This lightweight and compact drone weighs less than 249g, making it FAA and Remote ID Registration exempt. Its fold-up pattern allows for easy portability, fitting right into your jacket pocket.

The ATOM SE is equipped with a 4K ShakeVanish Camera that captures stunning 12MP photos and crisp 4K@30fps HD videos. The exclusive ShakeVanish technology ensures stable and smooth images, while the 118° FOV and adjustable vertical camera angle provide a wide field of view for capturing breathtaking shots.

Thanks to the SurgeFly flight authority system, piloting the ATOM SE is a breeze. With Beginner Mode, Normal Mode, and Sport Mode, you can choose the flight mode that suits your ability level and preferences. In Sport Mode, the drone can reach a maximum speed of 16m/s in just 2.8 seconds, offering an exhilarating flying event.

With two intelligent 2500mAh batteries included, the ATOM SE provides a total flight span of up to 62 minutes. Fly longer and capture more creative moments with ease. The command range of up to 4km/13,123ft allows you to explore vast landscapes and capture stunning aerial footage.

The PixSync 2.0 technology ensures stable and consistent video transmission, delivering low latency HD digital video in most shooting conditions. The built-in GPS system enables features like Auto Return, Follow Me, Waypoint Flight, and Circle Flight, adding more excitement and possibilities to your drone adventures.

Stay up to date with the latest firmware updates to enjoy an improved flight encounter and enhanced shooting quality. The ATOM SE is compatible with iOS 11 and Android 7.0 or above, and various adapter cables are available to connect your phone to the remote authority.

Event the freedom of flight and unleash your creativity with the Potensic ATOM SE Combo GPS Drone Quadcopter. Order yours today and take your aerial photography to new heights!

Key Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: Less than 249g
  • Remote ID Registration: Not required for FAA
  • Design: Fold-up pattern for easy portability
  • Brushless Motor: Built-in brushless motor for stable flight
  • Camera: 1/3” CMOS Sony Sensor
  • Photo Resolution: 12MP
  • Video Resolution: 4K@30fps
  • Area of View (FOV): 118°
  • Camera Tilt: Vertical +20° to -90°
  • Flight Command System: SurgeFly flight command mechanism
  • Flight Modes: Video, Normal, and Sport modes
  • Max Speed: Up to 16m/s in Sport Mode
  • Battery Capacity: 2500mAh per battery
  • Total Flight Time: Up to 62 minutes with 2 batteries
  • Control Range: Up to 4km/13,123ft
  • PixSync Technology: PixSync 2.0 for stable video and low latency
  • GPS Features: Auto-Return, Follow Me, Waypoint Flight, Circle Flight
  • Firmware Upgrade: Supports FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air)
  • Phone Compatibility: IOS 11 and Android 7.0 or above

When it comes to GPS drones, the Potensic ATOM SE Combo stands out from the competition with its impressive features and specifications. Let’s take a closer look at how it compares to similar products in the category.

One of the biggest advantages of the ATOM SE Combo is its weight. At less than 249g, it falls into the lightweight category, which means that remote ID registration is not required for FAA compliance. This makes it incredibly convenient for drone enthusiasts who want to fly without any extra hassle.

The fold-up pattern of the ATOM SE Combo also sets it apart from other drones. This feature allows for easy portability, making it easy to take this drone on all your adventures. Whether you’re hiking, traveling, or simply exploring new places, you can easily carry this drone with you.

Another competitive advantage of the ATOM SE Combo is its built-in brushless motor. This motor provides stability during flight, ensuring a smooth and controlled happening for users. You can trust that your drone will fly steadily in various conditions.

When it comes to capturing stunning aerial footage, the ATOM SE Combo doesn’t disappoint. Its 1/3” CMOS Sony Sensor camera delivers excellent image quality, while the 12MP photo resolution and 4K@30fps video resolution allow you to capture every detail with clarity. The wide 118° field of perspective adds a perception of depth to your shots, and the vertical camera tilt range from +20° to -90° provides flexibility for capturing unique angles.

The flight control system of the ATOM SE Combo is another standout attribute. The SurgeFly flight control framework ensures precise and responsive authority, whether you’re flying in video, normal, or sport modes. Speaking of sport mode, this drone can reach speeds of up to 16m/s, giving you an exhilarating flying happening.

With the included 2500mAh batteries, the ATOM SE Combo offers an impressive total flight span of up to 62 minutes. This means more span in the air and less span worrying about battery existence. Additionally, the authority range of up to 4km/13,123ft allows you to explore vast areas without losing bond.

One unique attribute of the ATOM SE Combo is the PixSync 2.0 technology. This technology ensures stable video footage and low latency, so you can capture smooth and lag-free footage even during fast-paced flights.

The GPS features of the ATOM SE Combo also contribute to its competitive tip. With auto-return, follow me, waypoint flight, and circle flight modes, you can effortlessly navigate and command your drone. These features make it easier to capture dynamic shots and create stunning videos.

Convenience is further enhanced by the firmware upgrade capability of the ATOM SE Combo. It supports FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air), enabling you to easily update your drone’s firmware without the need for complex processes.

Lastly, the ATOM SE Combo offers broad phone compatibility with iOS 11 and Android 7.0 or above. You can easily connect your smartphone to the drone and enjoy a seamless happening with the accompanying app.

While the ATOM SE Combo has many advantages, it is important to consider some potential drawbacks. The absence of a specific competitive gain or disadvantage for similar products in the category makes it difficult to provide a fair comparison.