SYLVOX RV TV, 22 inches 12/24V TV for RV 1080P Full HD Smart TV, Built-in APP Store, Support WiFi Bluetooth, Small Android TV for Car Home Camper Truck Boat(Limo Series, 2023)

Introducing the SYLVOX RV TV, the perfect entertainment companion for your on-the-go adventures. With its sleek 22-inch LCD display and 1080p full HD resolution, this smart TV ensures a crystal-clear viewing experience. Whether you’re cruising in your RV, camper, truck, boat, or even a limo, the SYLVOX RV TV is designed to enhance your journey.

Featuring a built-in APP Store, this smart TV allows you to access all your favorite content in one place. Say goodbye to scrolling through multiple apps and enjoy the convenience of having everything at your fingertips. Upgrade your RV TV to an Android smart TV and unlock a world of entertainment possibilities.

But that’s not all – the SYLVOX RV TV also comes with a built-in DVD player. Now you can enjoy your favorite DVDs without the need for a separate player. Immerse yourself in high-quality cinematic content with the Hi-Fi soundbox speakers, delivering an immersive and engaging audio experience.

Designed specifically for RVs, this small TV is equipped with a wide voltage design (10.5v-28v) and recoil protection. This means that even when the voltage changes sharply, the TV’s performance remains smooth and uninterrupted. Plus, with reverse connection protection, you won’t have to worry about burning your battery due to incorrect connections.

Connectivity is made easy with HDMI ports, Ethernet support, TV tuners, optical out, line out, and earphone ports. Take advantage of 5G WiFi and 5.0 Bluetooth capabilities for seamless streaming and wireless connectivity.

The SYLVOX RV TV is not just a television – it is a complete entertainment solution for your mobile lifestyle. Upgrade your travel experiences with this feature-packed smart TV that brings all your favorite shows, movies, and apps right to your fingertips. Get ready to embark on a journey filled with endless entertainment possibilities.

  • Screen Size: 22 Inches
  • Brand: SYLVOX
  • Supported Internet Services: Netflix, Amazon Instant Video
  • Display Technology: LCD
  • Product Dimensions: 4.88″D x 19.23″W x 12.13″H
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • Special Feature: Flat
  • Included Components: Stand, TV
  • Connectivity Technology: Wifi & Ethernet

Key Features:

  • Smart 12V TV: SYLVOX Smart RV TV with APP Store organizes your favorite content all in one place. Realize full entertainment in your moving life. Upgrade your RV TV to Android smart TV.
  • Built-in DVD Player: This TV DVD combo allows you to enjoy your favorite DVDs without needing to purchase a separate player. Hi-Fi soundbox speakers ensure the experience of immersive and engaging cinematic content.
  • 1080P Small TV: SYLVOX 22″ RV TV adapted 1080P resolution, reproduces over a billion accurate colors resulting in picture quality that is natural and precise. 60Hz refresh rate and 178° wide viewing angle allow you to watch wonderful shows.
  • Designed for RV: Wide voltage design 10.5v-28v, recoil protection, which means the voltage can become smoother when the voltage changes sharply. And reverse connection protection, the reverse connection of the positive and secondary stages will not burn the battery.
  • Ports: HDMI*2 (CEC & ARC), Ethernet*1, TV Tuner*2, Optical out*1, Line (L/R) out*1, Earphone*1. Also, support 5G WiFi and 5.0 Bluetooth.

Comparative Analysis:

The SYLVOX RV TV, 22 inches 12/24V TV for RV 1080P Full HD Smart TV, Built-in APP Store, Support WiFi Bluetooth, Small Android TV for Car Home Camper Truck Boat (Limo Series, 2023) offers a range of features that set it apart from similar products in the category. Let’s take a closer look at its competitive advantages and disadvantages.


  • The screen size of 22 inches provides a compact yet immersive viewing experience, ideal for RVs and other small spaces.
  • With the SYLVOX brand, you can trust in the quality and reliability of the product.
  • Supported Internet services like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video allow you to access a wide range of entertainment options.
  • The LCD display technology ensures crisp and clear visuals for an enhanced viewing experience.
  • The product dimensions of 4.88″D x 19.23″W x 12.13″H make it easy to fit into various spaces.
  • With a resolution of 1080p, you can enjoy high-definition content with vibrant colors and sharp details.
  • A refresh rate of 60 Hz ensures smooth motion and reduces blurring during fast-paced scenes.
  • The flat design adds a sleek and modern touch to your RV or any other space.
  • Included components like the stand and TV make it convenient to set up and start using the product.
  • Connectivity options include WiFi and Ethernet, allowing you to easily connect to the internet for streaming or browsing.


  • The supported Internet services are limited to Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, which may not cover all streaming preferences.
  • While the built-in DVD player is a convenient addition, it may not offer the same functionality and versatility as a separate standalone DVD player.
  • Although the 1080P resolution provides good picture quality, some users may prefer higher resolutions such as 4K.
  • The wide voltage design and recoil protection are designed specifically for RV use, which may limit its applicability to other settings.
  • While the available ports offer good connectivity options, some users may require additional ports for specific devices or connections.

Overall, the SYLVOX RV TV offers a range of competitive advantages such as its compact size, brand reputation, supported Internet services, and connectivity options. However, it also has some limitations related to streaming options, DVD player functionality, resolution, and specific RV-oriented features. Think these factors when making a purchasing decision.