VJIANGER 4K Digital Camera 48MP WiFi Vlogging Camera for YouTube with 180° Flip Screen, 16X Digital Zoom, 52mm Wide Angle & Macro Lens, 2 Batteries, 32GB TF Card(W02 Black4)

Introducing the VJIANGER 4K Digital Camera – your ultimate companion for capturing stunning photography and videos! This sleek and compact camera is designed to enhance your vlogging experience, making it perfect for YouTube enthusiasts. With its impressive 30fps video resolution and 48-megapixel capability, this camera ensures every moment is captured with exceptional clarity and detail.

The VJIANGER 4K Digital Camera is equipped with a 180° flip screen, allowing you to effortlessly achieve the perfect angle for your vlogs. Its 16X digital zoom feature enables you to capture close-up shots with remarkable precision or expand your frame to encompass a wider range of scenery. Additionally, the camera comes with a 52mm wide-angle and macro lens, further enhancing your creative capabilities.

But that is not all – this versatile camera doubles as a webcam! Simply connect it to your PC using a USB cable, select the “Camera mode,” and enjoy seamless video chatting on platforms like Skype or live streaming on social media platforms such as Facebook and TikTok. The 3.5mm jack allows for external microphone connectivity, ensuring crystal-clear audio recording, while the hot shoe lets you attach an external photo lighting accessory for professional-looking videos. Plus, the camera supports an external 1/4 standard size tripod for added stability.

With its convenient Wi-Fi feature, this camera enables wireless remote control via your smartphone. Share your photos and videos instantly on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, allowing your friends to experience your adventures in real-time. The Pause function allows you to pause and resume recordings seamlessly, making editing a breeze.

The VJIANGER 4K Digital Camera also boasts a manual focus function that guarantees sharp focus on your subject at the exact moment you desire. Whether you’re capturing daily life moments or thrilling sports action, this camera ensures you never miss a beat.

Weighing just 0.57lb and measuring 4.3 x 2.96 x 1.2 inches, this camera is incredibly lightweight and portable, making it the perfect gift for amateurs, beginners, kids, teens, students, and even the elderly. Capture precious memories, create stunning content, and unleash your creativity with this must-have camera. Ideal for Christmas or birthday gifts, as well as vlogging during festivals, sports events, weddings, or parties.

Experience the power of professional-grade photography and videography with the VJIANGER 4K Digital Camera. Embrace your inner storyteller and capture life’s extraordinary moments with style and ease.

  • Resolution: 4K
  • Video frame rate: 30fps
  • Megapixels: 48
  • Zoom: 16X Digital Zoom
  • Flip screen: 180° Flip Screen
  • Wide angle lens: 52mm Wide Angle Lens
  • Macro lens: Included
  • Connectivity: WiFi
  • External microphone: 3.5mm jack for external microphone
  • External lighting: Hot shoe for external photo lighting
  • Tripod compatibility: Supports external 1/4 standard size tripod
  • Webcam functionality: Can be used as a webcam
  • Pause function: Supports pause during recording
  • Manual focus: Supports manual focus (MF)
  • Weight: 0.57LB
  • Dimensions: 4.3*2.96*1.2 INCH
  • Battery: 2 batteries included
  • Storage: 32GB TF Card included (expandable)

When it comes to capturing high-quality videos and stunning photos for your YouTube channel, the VJIANGER 4K Digital Camera is a top contender in its category. With its impressive 48MP resolution and 4K video capabilities, this camera delivers crystal clear images that will make your content stand out from the crowd.

One of the standout features of this camera is its 180° flip screen, which allows you to easily frame your shots and keep yourself in the frame when vlogging. That’s a great advantage for solo content creators who need to monitor themselves while recording.

The 16X digital zoom is another useful feature that gives you the flexibility to get up close to your subject without sacrificing image quality. Whether you’re capturing wildlife or shooting a product review, this zoom functionality helps you capture every detail.

With the included 52mm wide-angle lens, you can capture more expansive shots, perfect for landscape photography or group vlogging. Additionally, the macro lens allows you to focus on small details with exceptional clarity, expanding your creative possibilities.

Connectivity is a breeze with the built-in WiFi functionality, allowing you to easily transfer your photos and videos to your smartphone or tablet for editing and sharing. You can also use the camera as a webcam for live streaming or video conferencing.

The VJIANGER 4K Digital Camera also offers external microphone support via a 3.5mm jack, ensuring that your audio quality matches the excellence of your visuals. Additionally, the hot shoe allows for the attachment of external photo lighting, providing professional-level lighting options.

For added stability during recording, this camera is compatible with external 1/4 standard size tripods. This feature is especially handy for capturing smooth panning shots or time-lapses.

Other notable features include the ability to pause during recording, manual focus support, and a lightweight design weighing just 0.57LB. The camera comes with two batteries, ensuring that you won’t run out of power during your shooting sessions. Plus, the included 32GB TF card offers ample storage space and is expandable if you need more.

To wrap it up, the VJIANGER 4K Digital Camera is a powerful and versatile tool for YouTube content creators. With its exceptional resolution, flip screen, wide range of lenses, and convenient connectivity options, this camera has all the features you need to take your videos to the next level.