Wipkviey Drone with Camera for Adults, 1080P HD FPV Drone for Kids, T27 Foldable RC Drone with 3D Flips/Altitude Hold/Gesture Selfie/Waypoint Flight, 2 Batteries and Case, Gifts for Boys/Girls Beginners

Introducing the Wipkviey Drone with Camera for Adults, the ideal drone for both kids and adults alike. This foldable RC drone comes with a range of exciting features that will take your flying experience to new heights.

Capture stunning aerial footage with the 1080P HD camera, which can be adjusted manually to get the ideal angle for your shots. With the FPV function, you can view the live feed from the drone directly on your mobile phone using the KY FPV app. And with gesture control, you can even capture photos and videos with a simple hand movement.

Safety and long flight time are priorities with the T27 drone. It comes with 4 propeller guards to protect the propellers from collision, ensuring a safe and worry-free flight. Plus, it includes 2 intelligent batteries that provide up to 26 minutes of flight time. With a control distance of up to 100m, you can explore the skies and capture incredible footage without limitations.

Designed with beginners in mind, the T27 drone features one-button take-off/landing and an emergency stop function, making it easy for anyone to fly. It also has headless mode, speed adjustment, altitude hold, and more to enhance your flying experience.

Get ready for an exhilarating flying experience with multiple flying modes. Perform impressive 3D flips for a thrilling first-person view. Draw a route on the app screen, and the drone will follow it precisely. And with three different speed ratios to choose from, you can customize your flight experience to match your skill level and preferences.

Thanks to its foldable design and gift box packaging, the T27 drone is convenient to carry wherever you go. It also comes with a detailed instruction manual that explains all the functions and usage of this HD drone, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable flying experience.

We also have a dedicated after-sales team ready to assist you with any questions or concerns. Simply reach out to us through Amazon, and we’ll provide the best solution within 12 hours.

Please note that while the T27 drone is designed for optimal performance, it’s important to be mindful of windy conditions. Adjusting the drone’s speed or flying at a lower altitude can help mitigate wind resistance and prevent the risk of losing your drone.

Experience the thrill of flying with the Wipkviey Drone with Camera for Adults. Place your order now and embark on an exciting aerial adventure!

  • Brand: Wipkviey
  • Model Name: T27
  • Special Feature: 3D Flip, Gravity Mode, Headless Mode, One Touch Takeoff/Landing/Return, Voice Control, Emergency Stop, Control Trim and More
  • Age Range (Description): Adult
  • Color: Black
  • Video Capture Resolution: 1080p
  • Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi
  • Included Components: Wipkviey T27 Drone ×1, Remote Controller ×1, 3.7 V 950 mAh Batteries ×2, Battery Charging Cable ×1, Spare Propellers ×4, Propeller Guards ×4, Black Organizer ×1
  • Skill Level: All
  • Battery Capacity: 950 Milliamp Hours
  • HD Camera & FPV: Equipped with 80° manually adjustable 1080P HD camera
  • Safety & Long Flight Time: Equipped with 4 propeller guards and 2 intelligent batteries for up to 26 minutes ultra-long flight time
  • Designed for Beginners: Features one-button take-off/landing function, emergency stop function, headless mode, speed adjustment, altitude hold and more
  • Multiple Flying Fun: Allows 3D flip, route drawing on the APP screen, and three different speed ratios
  • Foldable & Gift Box Design: Paddles are foldable for easy transport, comes with a detailed instruction manual, and a gift box design
  • Ideal After-Sales Team: Provides excellent customer support
  • Wind Resistance Note: Unsuitable for flying in windy environments, but can adjust speed or fly at lower altitude to alleviate wind resistance

When it comes to drones, the Wipkviey Drone with Camera for Adults stands out from its competitors in several ways. With its sleek black design and foldable paddles, this drone is not only stylish but also highly portable. It comes with a gift box design, making it an excellent choice for those looking to give a unique and exciting present.

One of the standout features of this drone is its 1080p HD camera and FPV capabilities. The camera is manually adjustable up to 80°, allowing you to capture stunning aerial footage and take breathtaking photos. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can easily connect your smartphone or tablet to the drone and view real-time video feeds from the sky.

Safety is a top priority with the Wipkviey Drone. It comes equipped with four propeller guards, providing extra protection during flight. Additionally, it includes two intelligent batteries, offering up to 26 minutes of flight time. That’s a significant advantage compared to similar drones on the market, as it allows for longer and more enjoyable flying sessions.

The Wipkviey T27 is designed with beginners in mind. It features one-button take-off and landing functions, making it easy for anyone to operate. The emergency stop function provides added peace of mind in case of any unexpected situations. The headless mode ensures that the drone always moves in the direction you want, regardless of its orientation.

With its multiple flying modes, this drone offers endless entertainment possibilities. You can perform impressive 3D flips, draw routes on the app screen for customized flight paths, and choose from three different speed ratios to match your skill level and preferences.

While the Wipkviey Drone has many advantages, it’s important to note that it isn’t suitable for flying in windy environments. However, you can adjust the speed or fly at a lower altitude to alleviate wind resistance.

In terms of included components, the Wipkviey T27 comes with everything you need to get started. It includes the drone itself, a remote controller, two 3.7V 950mAh batteries, a battery charging cable, spare propellers, propeller guards, and a black organizer for convenient storage.

Lastly, Wipkviey prides itself on its excellent customer support. If you have any questions or issues with your drone, their after-sales team is dedicated to providing top-notch assistance.